What To Ask When Booking A Makeup Artist

You probably thought I was going to give you a cheat sheet of questions to ask an artist via email or phone. The truth is the first person to ask questions to is yourself.

After all, you’re looking for not just any artist, but the perfect artist. Perfect in the sense that he or she meets all of your requirements.

What ARE¬†your requirements? Don’t know yet? Well, my dear, here is where you begin the journey to finding what you want. Making a list of your top priorities is key in finding your glam squad.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself and based on your answers we will narrow down that sea of artists that come up on your search engine.

  1. Do you need or want on site services?
  2. What time do you need to be ready?
  3. Do you have a small or large bridal party that also needs services?
  4. Do you also need hair services?
  5. Do you prefer natural makeup or dramatic artistry?
  6. What is the budget for makeup?
  7. Do you have any allergies to products?
  8. Do you prefer a male or female?


Asking yourself these questions before calling prepares you for the initial conversation with the artist. We appreciate when a bride knows exactly what she wants.

Happy Painting!